Flemming Hjørringgaard

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Flemming is co-owner of Fregat Fiskeeksport A/S and founded the company in 1998 together with Niels Østergaard Nielsen. Flemming is educated in shipping and has been active in the fish sector since 1986. Among others, he does business with wholesalers and supermarket chains in France and Belgium.

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Niels Østergaard Nielsen

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Niels is co-owner and co-founder of Fregat Fiskeeksport A/S and so he has been active in the company since the establishment in 1998. He has a solid and longstanding knowledge of the fish business and is mainly concerned with the British, the Dutch and the Belgian markets.

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+45 20 83 83 71

Martin Lindskov

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Martin has been working for Fregat Fiskeeksport A/S since September 2004 and in 2014 he became the third co-owner of the company. He is educated in shipping and for a period of time he has been working in South America, where his Spanish language skills were obtained. Today, Martin is primarily occupied with exports to southern European markets such as Spain, Italy and Portugal.

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+45 20 83 83 28

Camilo Hougaard

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Camilo joined Fregat Fiskeeksport A/S in 2011 and he mainly works with wholesalers on the Spanish market, but also Italian customers are within his area of sales. He was born and raised in Spain so consequently he has a very good knowledge of Spanish culture and food tradition - and obviously he speaks the language fluently.

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+45 20 83 83 78

Simon Madsen

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Simon has worked in the fish business since 2009 and was trained as an export salesman in 2011. Since 2014 he has been employed by Fregat Fiskeeksport A/S where he mainly deals with fresh fish for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Sweden.

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+45 20 83 13 14

Mette Miltz

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Mette has been employed by Fregat Fiskeeksport A/S since the year 2000 and she is responsible for bookkeeping and accounting.

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